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    The FUJITSU Cloud Native Service Delivery Platform

    Whatever your current cloud experience, now is the time to move towards a digital strategy based on deploying applications using cloud resources and a managed platform such as FUJITSU CNSDP.

    1. Leverages cloud native best-of-breed technologies.
    2. We build and maintain as either a platform or a managed service so your team can focus on developing applications.
    3. Integrates with existing technology so you avoid the cost and time of traditional rip-and-replace approaches and as such maximise the potential of your existing investments.
    4. Supports legacy apps in cloud native environments.
    5. Built on open source technologies and enables you to bring your own stack of open source technologies and leading solutions.
    6. Delivered anywhere because your delivery pipeline is agnostic to your container platform.
    7. Provide end-to-end fully managed Service Delivery Platform for accelerating application delivery through DevOps/DevSecOps practices in a cloud-agnostic application environment.
    8. Ecosystem of Open Source and industry-leading solutions enabling innovation.

    This is a great opportunity to assess your IT maturity and re-balance your IT investments towards cloud-based applications and infrastructure as part of your digital transformation.

    It’s an evolution that enables you to take control and drive business model change with an IT operating model that leverages existing investments while taking into a digital future that supports the general shift in business strategy to product-centricity and customer experience focus.

    Plus, as a managed service, you don’t need to worry about the broad mix of workloads nor individual components. Your team can concentrate on creating business-focused applications as fast as possible with exceptional reliability, scalability, and portability across cloud service providers

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    Customer choice
    You choose whether to host on-premise, on-cloud, or a hybrid.

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    No vendor lock-in
    Cloud-agnostic fully managed enterprise platform for delivery.

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    Agile practices at its core
    Respond quickly to business value by releasing features faster.

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    Ready platform
    Deploy stateful and stateless apps anywhere!

    Diagram Fujitsu Cloud Native Service Delivery Platform


    Benefits at a glance

    • Deliver value early and often
    • Capitalise on the cloud
    • Build applications to exploit the cloud

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