FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is now available with time-series data

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres now is bundled with TimescaleDB for time-series workloads

You can now predict the future with FUJITSU Enterpise Postgres and TimescaleDB!

I am delighted to announce that Fujitsu Australia Software Technology has partnered with Timescale, one of the leading open source times-series databases available on the market to provide a unique integrated offering of TimescaleDB Enterprise with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

What is Time Series Data?

Time series analysis is about inferring what has happened to a series of data points in the past and attempting to predict what will happen to them in the future.

Storing key data in a time-series format allows organisations to gain insights into how the data looks like in a specific period and how it changes over time, helping organizations analyse the past, monitor the present, and predict the future.

Time-series data is becoming critical to many organisations by providing business insights, monitoring and measuring IOT sensor data, maintaining data for regulated markets, or applying time-series analysis to high value data sets such as financial markets data.

Unifying time-series data with business data

TimescaleDB is the first time-series database that offers full SQL compatibility, bringing you the best of the relational and time-series worlds. Manipulating time-series data using SQL just as a regular PostgreSQL table in the same database.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres bundled with Timescale DB Enterprise results in an enterprise-grade data platform that provides scale with usability by enhancing functions such as data retention policies, continuous queries, and flexible time aggregations for time-series data analysis - all supported by Fujitsu.

In our next blog post, our PostgreSQL expert Gary Evans will dive into the details and explain how TimescaleDB implements this solution. We'll keep you posted.

Diagram: How TimescaleDB extends FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres


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