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Migration Assessment

Determine the feasibility of migrating your database

Use Fujitsu's Database Migration Assessment service to determine the feasibility of migrating your current database to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. The assessment will provide a clear picture of what will be required for successful migration:

Migration Assessment
  • what can be migrated automatically without modification
  • what needs to be modified
  • what resources will be required

The Database Migration Assessment consists of three simple steps:

  • You provide your database schema files which include SQL statements (DDLs of all the database objects and stored procedures), and the application source code.
  • Fujitsu performs the migration analysis. An experienced consultant with the help of our proven migration assessment tool will analyze your organization's database environment, assessing the infrastructure, schema and applications.
  • Fujitsu produces the Database Migration Assessment report. This report will show if your database is suitable for migration to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. Once that has been established, we will provide a migration roadmap to ensure smooth and effective end-to-end migration to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, and provide the estimated cost of migration.

Database Migration Assessment process

Database Migration Assessment process


Database Migration Assessment report sample

Database Migration Assessment report sample


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