Download a trial version of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

Combine the strengths of open source PostgreSQL with the additional enterprise features developed by Fujitsu to create a data management system with enhanced speed, security and support - without the normal costs associated with most proprietary systems.

It is fully compatible with PostgreSQL and shares the same operation method, interface for application development and inherent functionality.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Trial Version: 

  • High-speed query processing and improved performance for large data sets through the parallel scan and aggregation and in-memory features
  • WebAdmin (GUI for quick and easy setup, cluster management, and one-click backup and recovery)
  • Secure 256-bit transparent data encryption (PCI-DSS compliant)
  • Data masking for increased data security
  • High-reliability database operation through database multiplexing
  • Trial period (90 days)

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Complete the form below and then you will be directed to the Fujitsu global website page to download the Linux and Windows versions of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

If you are not sure which version to download, please contact us at +612 9452 9191 or contact our FUJITSU Postgres team

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